New method to improve smartphone battery performance discovered by researchers

This can improve smartphone battery performance.

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The battery life is a major concern of most smartphone users as the lithium batteries used in such devices take a considerable time to be charged and the battery life is also not long lasting. This situation might be changed soon as scientists have come up found a way to enhance the performance of the lithium batteries used in smartphones and other such portable devices.

New method to improve smartphone battery performance discovered

The lithium batteries have powered the portable revolution in devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. The latest generations of such batteries are developed for the electric vehicles in order to store energy from the wind as well as solar power.

The researchers at the University of Illinois, Chicago and the University of Bath in the UK have found the reason for adding charged metal atoms to the tunnel structures in the batteries to improve the performance. The storage of electrical energy quickly is important for future applications in electric vehicles and portable electronics.

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Lately, it was discovered that large metal icons like potassium can enhance the charge storage in the batteries, but the reason behind the same was not known. The researchers used a powerful combination of computer simulations and structural experiments claim that adding charged potassium into the tunnel-like structures of manganese oxide has a very strong advantage on the battery performance.

They found that adding the ions with a positive charge will increase how fast the lithium moves within the structures as it is crucial for a better charging of the batteries. One of the professors involved in the research has stated that understanding the process is crucial for the future design of battery materials and their development. It is claimed to result in faster-charging batteries. The development of new materials will result in lighter, safer and cheaper batteries that will be used in electronic vehicles to help cut the carbon emissions.

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