Nokia 8 doesn't bend; proves durability test

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When it comes to durability, Nokia phones have always been the best. The recently launched Nokia 8 is no exception. While HMD had assured us earlier, now its has been proved.

Nokia 8 doesn't bend; proves durability test

The smartphone has just undergone the durability test on the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything. Let's find out what the video has revealed. Starting with the positive sides, the Nokia 8 doesn't bend. Both the front part and rear part of the device stay intact even after going through a rigorous bend test. To remind you, the current Nokia flagship is made out of a 6,000-series aluminum alloy.

Due to its strong built and structure, the phone turned out to be a winner in terms of durability. Quite interestingly, Apple had to switch over to 7,000 series aluminum alloy from 6,000 series since its handsets used to get bent easily. However, that doesn't seem to be the case for Nokia 8.

Moving on, the smartphone performs quite impressively in the burn test as well. We know that the Nokia 8 flaunts an LCD screen. Because of this, its screen fully recovered from the burn mark, which it got from a standard lighter. So in case you burn your device, its front panel would at least stay harmless.

In the scratch test though, the front panel of the Nokia 8 scratches easily. Well, it was expected as the phone's panel is covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 5. Anyway, it should be fine for day-to-day use.
The phone's back panel is made of aluminum as previously mentioned. Hence, a razor blade can scratch and damage it. However, the rear camera setup is covered by glass, so scratches won't appear on it as easily had it been covered by plastic.

All in all, Nokia 8 manages to retain the reputation of Nokia phones.

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