Nokia could develop foldable smartphones in future

Nokia has been granted a patent for a “Foldable device” by the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO).

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The Nokia 6 has just been released and now rumors surrounding flexible Nokia smartphones have already started circulating over the internet.

Nokia could develop foldable smartphones in future

If you go by the rumors, Nokia might be preparing to enter the foldable smartphone scene with the likes of Samsung, Apple, and LG who are also rumored to be working on the same technology.

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On the other hand, it seems like Nokia is planning big as it enters the smartphone market once again in 2017.

Phonearena reports that Nokia has already been granted the patent for a "Foldable device" by the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). It seems Nokia had filed the patent application in 2013, and was granted the same in September last year.

Nokia could develop foldable smartphones in future

However, the latest patent filing from Nokia shows a device that sort of looks like a pocket mirror. The device consists of two identical parts, connected by a hinge. Also, there is a single flexible display, that bends when the two sides of the device are closed. The patented device further features a locking mechanism that keeps the two parts together, similar to that of some laptop computers.

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While this single patent doesn't indicate or reveal anything important in the tech-savvy world, Nokia could just be patenting a device without any objective of releasing it. But considering the recent buzz around foldable phones, this patent could end up in Nokia's pipeline and become a real device in the future.

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