Nokia to partner with Foxconn again for their new Android smartphones?

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Despite selling of their mobile business to Microsoft, the Finnish company is now rejuvenated to enter the smartphone business once again. And guess what they are again on the look out for a partner to help in manufacturing their devices!

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Nokia to partner with Foxconn again for their new Android smartphones?

They can't enter the market this year though. An agreement signed with the Redmond giant compels them to not release any smartphone in the market with their own brand name till the last quarter of 2016. Nokia have previously tied up with Foxconn to launch their N1 tablet in China back last year. The best part was that the device was fairly successful -after all everyone was waiting for a Nokia made Android device for quite a while. Gradually Nokia have launched in a Taiwan and recents leaks also suggest that it may be on the way to India too!

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But nevertheless Foxconn was not the obvious choice of partner for Nokia, while considering the launch of Android devices (as previous leaks indicate).

Here a compilation of few leaks that made us believe so:

  • It all started with a rumoured partnership between the Shenzhen based Chinese OEM Meizu.
  • There was even hype in the market that the Meizu MX5 would come in collaboration with the Finnish company. But alas! This is what resulted next.
  • Next up there was a rumour of Nokia buying the Alcatel Lucent. Alcatel is a French OEM which is now run by the Chine company called TCL.

Despite Nokia confirming their plans of acquisition of the company, nothing official have arrived yet! Plans are to seal the deal in 2016. But only time can confirm that as of now.

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Nokia to partner with Foxconn again for their new Android smartphones?

But now a new leak suggest that the Finnish company is in talks with the Chinese mass producer Foxconn limited. This deal would not only bring the company back on the market, but also will put them in a position to tackle stiff competitions from Samsung, LG etc.


With Nokia's technical expertise and Foxconn's mass production at barn cheap cost we are in line to receive some excellent and VFM device next year! We are damn excited about this new. But what do you think? Are you?

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