OnePlus 5T launch event tickets sold out already

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Unless you live under a rock, you must be aware that OnePlus is going to launch a new flagship on November 16 in New York. To be precise, the event will take place in Brooklyn at Villain. The address is 307 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11249.

OnePlus 5T launch event tickets sold out already

Those who are interested to attend the event were asked to pay $40 (approximately Rs. 2600). While it doesn't make a lot of sense to spend so much money to see the unveiling of OnePlus 5T, apparently all the tickets for the event are now sold out. OnePlus took to Twitter to announce the news. Needless to say, the event getting sold out implies how popular the company has become in the US.

The reason OnePlus is charging a fee to attend their event is because the company wants to keep an accurate head count so it knows how many people will be attending. However, the funds generated by ticket sales will benefit a good cause. The money will go "toward the advancement of tech innovation."

Below are some details about the unveiling event.

It will start at 11 AM and will end at 2 PM. Each event attendee who has paid for the ticket will receive a swag bag that contains a travel backpack, hoodie, baseball cap and other exclusive goodies; all with OnePlus's logo on them.

Other than that, the ticket holders will also get a reserved place for seating, snacks, and drinks as well as a chance to have a hands-on experience with the all-new OnePlus 5T.

What do you think about the event? Would you have paid over Rs. 2,500 just to see the unveiling of a new smartphone? Do share your views in the comments section.

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