OnePlus 8T Concept Smartphone Unveiled: Features Color-Charging Rear Panel


OnePlus 8T Concept smartphone, which is based on the latest OnePlus 8T flagship has been unveiled. The highlight of this smartphone is the presence of an all-new back panel with a color-changing film. Also, there is a mmWave (millimeter wave) radar module on the rear camera bump for touchless controls and a breathing monitor.

OnePlus 8T Concept Smartphone Unveiled

OnePlus claims that the OnePlus 8T Concept smartphone has been designed by a team of 39 designers based out of Shenzhen, New York, Taipei and India. It is also noted that this device will not be available for purchase but the company might use the advancements in the concept device in the future offerings.

Color Changing Rear Panel

Unlike the glass back on the regular OnePlus 8T, the OnePlus 8T Concept smartphone's all-new rear panel is inspired by natural elements. It features a color-changing film behind the glass panel, which contains metal oxide in glass. This film changes its color to light silver from dark blue whenever the metal oxide activates. Eventually, the rear of the OnePlus 8T Concept will light up and form patterns when there are any notifications.

mmWave Radar Module

Talking about the mmWave radar module, it transmits and receives electromagnetic waves. This enables the inbuilt digital signal processing unit as well as CPU to process receives from the waves and let the device to perceive, image, locate and track objects. The use cases of this are said to be similar to that of a Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor.

The mmWave module lets OnePlus 8T Concept to make use of touchless gesture controls such as distance recognition and double tap for answering or rejecting a voice call by covering the camera module with your hand. Also, the camera can be covered to change the back panel's color.

As per OnePlus, mmWave module registers your breathing to let the colors at the rear change in sync. It uses software algorithms to measure respiration and record millimeter-level movement of the chest as you breathe. Notably, the inbuilt radar does not need 5G mmWave networks for gesture controls, thereby making it work in markets such as India where 5G is yet to be commercialized.

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