Someone Just Splurged A Fortune On An iPhone That Might Not Even Work


When compared to Android smartphones, iPhones set back buyers a little more in pricing. If you plan to buy a fairly new iPhone, you might have to shell out over Rs. 50,000. Not just that, devices like the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max cost over Rs. 1,00,000.

Someone Just Splurged A Fortune On An iPhone That Might Not Even Work

What's even more interesting is the fact that someone just bought the first generation iPhone for a whopping $35,000 or Rs. 28,00,000, which is definitely a lot of money to spend on a smartphone, that too on one that was released back in 2007.

Steve Jobs launched the original iPhone back in 2007 with a starting price of $499. At an auction, someone bought the same for $35,414, making it one of the most expensive iPhone purchases ever. The original buyer of the iPhone just got a lot of money for an iPhone that just looks like a dummy phone when compared to the modern iPhones.

It's Not The iPhone, It's The Packaging

On eBay, one can find plenty of listings of the original iPhone for around $100 to $300. Depending on the physical condition of the device, one can easily get the original iPhone for just a couple of hundred dollars. So, what makes this one special? It's the packaging.

The seller kept the retail package of the original iPhone intact, including the external plastic wrap. Due to the limited availability of the sealed iPhone, it has fetched a lot of money predominantly due to the novelty factor.

It Might Not Even Work

The iPhone sold at the auction came with model number A1203 with 8GB of internal storage. It is also said to be from the early batch of the original iPhone production with 12 icons. As this is a sealed package, there is no assurance that the iPhone might work, given it is already a 15-year-old smartphone.

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