Project Fi users testing features of VoLTE confirmed by Google

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Project Fi seems to be gaining a lot of traction lately and while it has managed to stay under the radar, rumors have been going around stating that Google is adding new features to its MVNO carrier.
While the rumors had just started to come, the company broke its silence today by confirming that Google's Project Fi users were running tests on its VoLTE, Voice Over LTE features.

Project Fi users testing features of VoLTE confirmed by Google

Google, in one of its support forums stated that the testing of VoLTE had been taking place for a few weeks now.

In fact, Project Fi customers can see if their phones are a part of the testing by checking their phone's signal. If it still showed that it is connected to their LTE network while making or receiving calls then they were in the VoLTE test.

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However, the company has claimed that the phones that are a part of the testing should be able to enjoy better quality voice calls over the LTE network along with faster web browsing while making calls. Further, the company has said that VoLTE support should enable for faster call setup.

On the other hand the tests are being conducted in U.S. and networks supporting Project Fi are Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular. Likewise, the devices that are compatible with Project Fi are Google's older Nexus phones and its newer Pixel and Pixel XL phones. However, as of now, it seems only T-Mobile's network supports the new VoLTE features.

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Furthermore, there is no confirmation as to when Google plans to expand its testing to more users. The statement from the company on its support page went to say "we will continue to keep you informed as we progress with our testing".

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Though Project Fi is currently being tested in the US, we are following it closely as it seems to be promising and will serve well in India too. Project Fi can help address the issues of poor or weak signal strength while improving the quality of voice calls along with better connectivity. We will keep you posted as and when get the latest updates.


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