RED's patent application points at revolutionizing modular accessories

A study of RED's patent application shows that the company wants to develop a range of high-end modulation accessories for its already announced smartphone Hydrogen One.

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RED, the digital cinema camera manufacturer, recently announced the launch of a smartphone with a holographic display which will have a price factor starting at $1,199. RED is calling its upcoming smartphone Hydrogen One which has high-end hardware specs. However, a study of RED's patent applications conducted by 'The Verge' reveals something even more exciting.

RED's patent application points at revolutionizing modular accessories

RED is coming up with accessories which will offer crazy modulation options for Hydrogen One. The patent application of the high-end modular smartphone suggests that it will be leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors. There are several more disclosures that the patent application, "Modular Digital Camera and Cellular Phone" presents.

RED plans to create stacks of modulation accessories which are very similar in size and shape to the Hydrogen One itself. These accessories attach to the smartphone on the rear or the front. The modular accessories include a camera with modular lenses, speakers, and battery.

RED's patent application points at revolutionizing modular accessories

The modular camera accessory is speculated to have a CMOS or a CCD sensor and is reported to support video recording at 8K resolution. Users can also stack additional accessories such as battery and hard drive between the smartphone and the camera. 

Yet another schematic from RED reveals that it is also planning to come up with an entire upgrade of the smartphone to a DSLR camera which will include an electronic viewfinder and a grip.

The Hydrogen One has already been priced insanely and although there is no speculation regarding the price of the patented accessory technology it is safe to assume that they will not be cheap for sure. This also points a finger at the application of such a heavily rigged smartphone camera.

It will certainly have its use but day to day smartphone users will hardly find it useful. This smartphone with the proposed camera accessories certainly deserves hands of professional camera person and film-makers. There is often a requirement of a well-connected camera at events where live coverage is essential for social media channels and this is where this smartphone might shine.

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