Samsung announces 8-Point Battery Safety Check for all new devices

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Samsung does not want to repeat the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco this year. And while it has suffered a huge margin in terms of cost as well losing the trust of its customers, apparently, Samsung has decided to re-assess the manufacturing process of its products.

Samsung announces 8-Point Battery Safety Check for all new devices

The Korean tech giant at a recent press conference has announced a new process an "8-point Battery Safety Check", to ensure the reliability and safety of its future products. Samsung has stated that since the Galaxy Note 7 recall, the company re-assessed every step of the smartphone manufacturing process and has now developed the 8-Point Battery Safety Check. The company added that the process involves putting the batteries through extreme testing, inside and out, followed by the careful inspection by X-ray and the human eye. Finally, Samsung affirmed that the company was making a stronger commitment to safer devices.

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However, the new process will enable the company to test the safety of its batteries in its products more effectively and efficiently. The process does involve a number of rigid tests and inspections.

Samsung announces 8-Point Battery Safety Check for all new devices

Starting with the process, Samsung will first carry out a durability test, which includes overcharging the battery, puncturing it with a nail, and also placing the battery in an environment with extreme temperatures.

Samsung will then visually inspect the batteries, according to its guideline of standardized and objective criteria. After that, the batteries will be put under an X-Ray and Samsung engineers will check the batteries for any internal abnormalities. Subsequently, the batteries will also be charged and discharged multiple times, on a large-scale. A TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compound) test will also be carried out. This test is done to ensure the batteries will not leak any of the volatile organic compound contained within it.

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Next up, Samsung engineers will disassemble the batteries, to assess the quality of the batteries. During the said test, the insulation tape and battery tab welding will also be assessed, which are key components of a safe battery.

Samsung will also perform an intensive test that will simulate accelerated usage scenarios by the users. The final test will be a ΔOCV (Delta Open Circuit Voltage) test which will check for any change in the voltage of the batteries throughout the manufacturing process. From the moment the components are placed on the assembly line, till the product comes out as a finished good.

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