Samsung files patent for five futuristic looking smartphone displays

Samsung has filed for five different designs of displays that it may or may not use in its upcoming products.

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Samsung's has just filed for display design patents to be approved by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Interestingly, the documents of the filing have been leaked online and the illustrations portray some innovative display designs.

However, no specific details about the products have been revealed. There are five designs that Samsung has applied for patent.

The first illustration is that of a smartphone most probably with a stretchable display while the second illustration represents design of a tablet with stretchable display.

The third illustration appears to be a smartphone with fold out displays. Talking about this display, there have already been many rumors that Samsung may come out with foldable phones in future. So now that it has appeared again, it looks like Samsung is very keen on bringing out a smartphone with such type of display.

A glimpse at Samsung's futuristic displays

That being said, the fourth design is being speculated to be a stretchable screen whereas the fifth design looks like an hourglass. The illustration clearly suggests that it is a display but its application and use is something that has got us thinking of its possibilities.

A glimpse at Samsung's futuristic displays

As a matter of fact, it could also be that Samsung may or may not actually launch any products with these designs in the near future. Moreover, these designs have a long way to go if they ever appear in our hands.


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