Samsung Galaxy Note 7 banned on Indian Airlines

    After nearly 35 battery explosions incidents worldwide, several airlines have issued ban orders of the usage of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on board and have imposed strict security check.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 banned on Indian Airlines

    Considering the numerous battery explode events, the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) has issued a statement for the passengers to not carry Galaxy Note 7 along with their check-in luggage. Eventually, the Indian airlines has also banned the use of Note 7 in the flights. They are also requested to also avoid putting the mobile in the check-in luggage, charging, or keeping their devices switched on.

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    The initiative has been taken into consideration with regard to the reports of device catching fire due to a major manufacturing error. Samsung officials as well as the aviation industry believes that the battery heating by using the mobile device on board may lead a very serious accident.

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    Why are the Note 7 batteries exploding?

    Galaxy Note 7 battery explode had gone viral soon after its launch. In support of this mishap, the South Korean mobile manufacturer recently revealed the reason behind why it is extremely risky to fly with the 'fire-phone'. Samsung finally spoke about the battery heating issue and revealed that the likewise two electrodes together make a battery work they can similarly set the battery on fire.

    SDI battery to be blamed

    The mobile manufacturer further asserted that for Note 7, what went wrong was that the two electrodes that's supposed should stay far apart, somehow anode-to-cathode came into contact, leading to massive explosion and fire. These faulty batteries are reported to have come from Samsung's own subsidiary SDI, due to which Samsung has temporarily stopped using SDI's battery for Galaxy Note 7 only.

    An initiative by the Aviation Industry

    These incidents led the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to ban the usage of the Samsung Note 7 on board and aware the passengers to switch off and avoid charging their mobile device. Starting from Singapore Airlines, three Australian airlines and Indian Airlines, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been banned across every airline worldwide.

    The discussion: Airlines and Samsung

    After revealing the replacement program for Note 7, the aviation regulator has started working with the foreign aviation safety regulators to ensure safety while the recall process in on. The aviation industry is gearing towards ensuring that the new devices are handled and transported in a way keeping in mind the safety of the passengers on board.

    It's for everyone's good

    The airlines are expected to check and re-check on the passenger charging their mobile phones and using them to avoid any further fire breakout leading to emergency landing and human risk like a few incidents that have occurred years ago.


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