Galaxy S7 edge explodes while Samsung is prepping to launch Galaxy S8

Samsung is in news for something bad.

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When it comes to smartphone battery explosion, Samsung has become an unforgettable brand name as it had to recall its flagship Galaxy Note 7 and halt the production of the same as well. But it appears like the Galaxy Note 7 isn't the only one from Samsung to explode.

Galaxy S7 edge explodes while Samsung is prepping to launch Galaxy S8

Following the Note 7, the exploding Galaxy S7 edge units have hit the headlines leaving the users of the flagship smartphone worried. The saga seems to continue as another Galaxy S7 edge explosion has come to light. Going by the claim of a Reddit user, his Galaxy S7 edge got fried on the inside while it was charging on the company's fast charge wireless pad. He went on stating that he had heard a pop, a hiss and smoke started coming out from the phone filling the room with a heavy smell of burnt electronics.

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This is a big issue, but Samsung has remained silent on the matter. The company hasn't even asked for the smartphone to check if there was any fault. The user of the device in question has called Samsung a few times, but it appears like he didn't get any help.

The Galaxy S7 edge explosion isn't new. We have already come across a few such incidents in the past, but the worrying part is Samsung hasn't offered any help to the affected customer. This rises a question of reliability on Samsung's customer support.


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