Samsung Galaxy S9's front camera could be equipped with 3D sensor

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The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus have started already appearing in leaks. As such some details including the display type, the processor has come to light.

Samsung Galaxy S9's front camera could be equipped with 3D sensor

According to a Twitter user with the handle @UniverseIce, the Samsung Galaxy S9 will arrive with a 3D sensor equipped front-facing camera. The addition of 3D sensor will improve the face recognition functionality to a great extent. Not the only accuracy, it will improve the safety and speed of the device as well. Currently, Apple's iPhone X is the only smartphone to flaunt this feature.

When it comes to Samsung, the South Korean tech giant first added the face recognition feature to Galaxy Note 7. Then the company employed Iris Scanner on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note's Face Unlock Feature.

However, the facial recognition feature offered by Samsung is not that safe. It can be easily bypassed using a photo of the device's owner. Even a video was uploaded showing this flaw. In the video, the user clearly demonstrates unlocking a secured Galaxy S8 smartphone with a selfie that was saved on another device.

So with 3D face recognition feature, the Galaxy S9 will be on the same as the iPhone X. Samsung seems to have started working on its own 3D image mapping sensors. In other words, the front camera on the smartphone will take a 3D scan of user's face from all angles and it will be saved in the device.

The technology is said to be identical to the TrueDepth system used by Apple. However, it will be interesting to see, what will Samsung do to make it better than Apple's.

In related news, the Galaxy S9 is also likely to feature an air sensor. Read the details here.  


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