Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Bursts Into Flames; User Shares Video


A Twitter user named Chad Christian has posted a video, where his new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 oozing smoke. According to the post, the device caught on fire, when he was packing it up to send it back to Samsung. Is this an isolated incident or the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is yet another Galaxy Note 7 story in making?

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Bursts Into Flames; User Shares Video

According to the series of tweets by Chad, it is pretty evident that the device caught on fire when he was about to pack it and send it back to Samsung. So, why did it catch fire? Here is what happened.

Chad has confirmed that the device fell off of his bike around a week before and suffered integrity damage. He then visited the Samsung repair center, where he was recommended to send back the unit to Samsung to receive the replacement. When he was about to pack the device, the device caught on fire, which could be due to a punctured battery.

In the same tweet, Chad confirms that he does not suspect it to be a Note 7 type issue, which was caused by a faulty battery. However, he does raise a concern regarding what would have happened if the phone was caught on fire while being in transit.

Should Galaxy Z Fold 3 Users Worry?

I don't think anything is alarming about the Galaxy Z Flip 3. Looking at the user's tweets, it is pretty clear that the battery of the device has been damaged when it fell off. During the packing, there could have been some short circuit inside the phone, which would have led to this situation.

However, one alarming thing about this incident is the fact that the Samsung repair center should have made sure to collect the device rather than suggesting the user send it back himself, which could have prevented this incident.


Not just the Galaxy Z Fold 3, any phone with physical damage is a hazard to the user. Hence, if you have a phone that has swollen or has any sort of deformity, always get it fixed or replaced by contacting the brand. A phone with a damaged battery is nothing short of a ticking bomb, which could lead to catastrophic events.

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