Samsung's latest patents have some interesting design for smartphones

Samsung has new concepts for smartphones.

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Samsung has been long rumored to be working on a foldable display smartphone allegedly called the Galaxy X. The project is no longer under the curtains as the company itself has talked about it at various forums.

Samsung's latest patents have some interesting design for smartphones

DJ Koh, CEO, Samsung mobile division has confirmed the existence of the device at an event at the MWC 2018, even though he refused to offer the expected launch time.

New design patents

As the launch of the foldable smartphone is inching closer, leaks have started pouring in at a high rate. New patents filed by the company gives us a sneak peek of how the device would shape up.

While these patents might not be the final design of the device, they give us an idea of company's vision towards the future smartphones. This isn't the first time the company has filed for a patent for a foldable display.

Patently Mobile has reported a new design patent filed by Samsung has received a nod from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patents do not reveal any technology, specifications or materials used for the device, leaving us with only diagrams depicting the patented design.

The most intriguing patent among these is a 'foldout' smartphone, similar to the recently released ZTE Axon M. But instead of using two displays like ZTE, Samsung chose to go with one large foldable display.

Besides, there is a patent for a smartphone without any physical key or ports. While the design sounds innovative, only time will tell how practical it actually is.

Samsung has received a patent for a wraparound device which will probably blur the lines between a smartphone and smartwatch.

Will anyone of these patents see the production stage remains to be seen. Companies file many patents that never make it to the production stage, so putting so much hope in any one of these is not advisable.

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