Samsung smartwatch with camera and tablet with rolling screen show up on patents

We hope to see the devices come to life soon

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Looks like Samsung has plans to launch a new kind of tablet and smartwatch in the near future. We have come to know this information from the public database of United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Samsung patents smartwatch with camera and tablet with rolling screen

The patent documents have revealed that the smartwatch will have a circular display. Now, what makes it extraordinary is that it comes equipped with a camera sensor right at the center of the display. Moreover, the camera even has optical zoom capabilities. When it is zoomed in to capture an image, the lens of the camera pops out slightly from the surface its display.

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Users will be able to adjust the optical zoom by the crown or the bezel. Other than that, the smartwatch also has a secondary screen over the main circular display. From the looks of it, the secondary screen would be a touch sensitive panel.

Now, we don't really know when Samsung will launch this smartphone. While it is not expected to see the wearable very soon, we all know that the company is already working on making bendable and foldable screen.

Samsung patents smartwatch with camera and tablet with rolling screen

In addition to this, the patent also contains the design of a next-generation Samsung tablet. The significant part of this device is that it features a stretchable screen which can be rolled on side of the tablet.

As appears from the image, the screen rolls out when the right side of the device is pulled outwards. So basically when the display is rolled out to some extent, the stretchable screen will show its screen in content in a reduced manner. And when the screen is rolled out more, it will display more content.

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However, you better not get your hopes up too much. Many times even though designs of devices appear on patents, they don't get to see the daylight. We hope that will be not the case here.

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