Samsung Z3: 5 Best and 5 Worst Features of the Tizen-Powered Smartphone

    Samsung first came with a Tizen OS based smartphone back in June last year. Needless to say that the Tizen OS device with minimal feature failed to sustain long in the market.

    The Korean giant soon replaced it with their Samsung Tizen Z1, which too didn't fare as per the company's expectation.

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    However it seems like the company has worked rather hard on their Tizen OS for the last few months. The efforts were quite evident when Samsung launched their Tizen Z3 smartphone in Delhi a few days back.

    Apparently Korean giants have made a no of improvements in the hardware department of the device. So here's a sneak peek into the best and worst feature of this all new device.

    5 inch HD Super AMOLED display

    The inclusion of a HD (1280x720) AMOELD display onto the Samsung Z3 comes out as quite a surprise. Apparently the Korean Electronics giant isn't known for including such high resolution displays into their sub 10K device lineup.

    Fairly large battery for its class

    Considering the fact that the Samsung Z3 sports a Quad core SoC and a HD display, you can expect the 2600mAh battery inside the device to last through a whole day. Bear in mind that the Samsung S6 with a QHD panel and an battery hungry Snapdragon 810 octa core SoC too comes with a slightly large battery - 2650mAh.

    5MP front snapper can shoot 120 degree selfies

    The Z3 includes a generous 5MP camera on the top of the display which is capable of shooting some decent wide angle selfies. It can fit about 3-4 person in one frame while in landscape mode.

    Supports MicroSD cards as high as 128GB

    The lack of a memory expansion slot was the main con of the Samsung Galaxy S6. However it is pleasant surprise to see Samsung include it in the budget Z3. Further the fact that the slot can support cards upto 128GB is an icing on the cake.

    Priced “decently” for a Samsung made phone

    Unlike most Samsung made phone, the Tizen Z3 has been priced ‘decently'! The Z3 with a 5inch HD display, 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM has been priced at Rs 8,499.
    Nevertheless it seems like Samsung is making a move especially when it comes to pricing in the budget department. Recently the company launched two budget devices J2 and J5 in India with a competitive price tag.

    Uses cheap Spreadtrum quad core processor

    It seems like Samsung has cut some corners with the Z3 by including a 1.3GHz quad core Spreadtrum SoC in place of a Mediatek SoC.

    No support for Full HD video recording

    Despite including an 8MP AF rear camera with LED Flash, the Tizen Z3 misses out on Full HD video recording capabilities. This is possibly due to the limitations of the Tizen OS.

    Only 4.9GB out of the 8GB is usable

    On paper the Samsung Z3 has a 8GB of internal storage. However only 4.9GB out of this usable! Where did the remaining gig disappear? Tizen OS and the Bloatware has gobbled them up.

    Tizen OS 2.4 is for the dummies

    In case you are already frequented with an Android device, the Tizen OS will not appear quite appealing to you. The OS is still in developing stage, with minimal or no feature to set it apart from Android. The Tizen store has very minimal apps too.

    Nevertheless it will be decent device for those who don't want to go into the complicacies of owning an Android device and still own a ‘smart' phone!


    Lacks 4G LTE support

    The absence of the 4G is by far the worst part of the Tizen Z3. At an age where most manufacturers are upgrading their portfolio with 4G LTE enabled devices, it's quite surprisingly to see the Z3 miss out on this. Rather it makes one wonder, what was exactly Samsung thinking?


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