Smart Android O features that will debut with the operating system

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Android O is the next big thing which perhaps every smartphone enthusiast is looking forward to. We can only contemplate the excitement of Android fans as the launch date for Android's latest OS nears. The biggest OS update of 2017 will roll out in mid-August while it will hit premium smartphone devices between September-November 2017. For now, we know that Google Pixel will be the first Android smartphone on which users will get to experience Android O.

Smart Android O features that will debut with the operating system

For the rest of us, an eternity of waiting lies ahead. In tough times like these we need to maintain a calm composure and patiently go through every bit of detail we can find on the internet to curb our curiosity.

We have compiled a list of most interesting features of Android O. Here it goes:

Picture-in-picture mode: This is perhaps the most needed feature for YouTubers and active YouTube app users. Using picture-in-picture mode will allow users to browse their smartphone while YouTube app window finds a small corner of the screen.

Better organized: 
The latest version of Android will provide a simplified and better-organized settings menu. While most of the smartphones have at least 20 settings tab with Android Nougat on their smartphones, O will slash the number of tabs to 12.

Enhanced text selection: Android is certainly finding ways to turn more and more user-friendly, which is evident from a simple selection tool and its evolution in each Android version. The latest version of Android will host a smarter text selection. If you select an address the selection tool will offer you an option to look it up on Google Maps similarly if you select a phone number you will receive an option to quick dial the number.

There are several more features on Android O that await exploration. We will keep you updated!

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