The camera technology inside the upcoming OPPO F3 Plus is a different game altogether

The first-of-its kind dual front-facing camera on OPPO F3 Plus is the best selfie camera you can get in the market

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There's no denying the fact that we all love to take selfies. Posting crazy and interesting moments on social networking platforms have become a worldwide phenomenon, all thanks to smartphones we have these days. Keeping in mind the craze for selfies, smartphone makers have gradually started to equip their handsets with powerful front cameras that packs in higher megapixel counts, and deliver better overall photography experience when compared to their rear counterparts.

OPPO F3 Plus is set to redefine the selfie experience

But that doesn't mean rear cameras are any less required or losing importance in today's selfie-focused mobile tech world. They are equally important for users who keep photography in their highest regard. Such photo enthusiasts deserve a handset that presents the right combination of equally capable front and rear shooters, and that is what we are going to show you today. Have a look.

OPPO F3 Plus is set to redefine the selfie experience

OPPO F3 Plus: The first-of-its kind dual front-facing camera on a mobile device

OPPO is set to launch F3 Plus, a new 'Selfie Expert' that brings the unique combination of one wide-angle and one standard lens module placed at the front of the handset. While the standard lens bring along the advancements seen in OPPO's previous phones such as vivid depth and minimized noise, the second wide-angle lens gives a larger field-of-view to that a regular front camera cannot achieve. This unique combination takes help from a specially designed customized sensor, which is perfect for group selfies.

Swapping between the wide-angle and standard lens can be done in micro seconds by just tapping on a dedicated software button right next to the camera shutter. Users can snap selfie and 'Group Selfie' photos wherever and whenever as they like.

Now when you know what is the underlying camera technology that's making the upcoming OPPO F3 Plus the one-of-its kind selfie smartphone, let's talk about the camera software features that are equally innovative and impressive.

OPPO F3 Plus is set to redefine the selfie experience

Beauty Mode 4.0: For Flawless Selfies

The upcoming smartphone's camera will come equipped with Beautify 4.0, OPPO's indispensable software feature that give clear-cut facial contours with adjustable tone, shadows and light while capturing selfies.

The feature has been upgraded based on studying hundreds of user scenarios and feature multiple Beautify levels to capture Selfie photos with bright, clear skin, vivid eyes and striking features. With upgraded photo-processing algorithms, Beautify 4.0 is optimized to highlight beauty, but never at the expense of looking natural.

The camera will have Beautify 4.0 Southeast that offers a natural and smooth complexion of the skin, clearing out any imperfection or blemishes. Besides, there are various filters available for all scenarios you can imagine to capture flawless selfies every time and everywhere.

OPPO F3 Plus is set to redefine the selfie experience

Selfie Panorama: For perfect Group Selfies

It's impossible to miss anyone in a selfie shot when you have two dedicated technologies working side by side. First, the wide-angle lens at front that captures a good field of view which can already endure everyone in the frame, and second, the built-in 'Selfie Panorama' mode that seamlessly combines three photos into one, making the view even wider. You just need to swipe left to access the selfie panorama mode, hit the camera button and move the smartphone from left to right to capture extra-wide selfie shots.

OPPO F3 Plus is set to redefine the selfie experience

Screen Flash: Brighter selfies in low-light conditions

The camera app of the upcoming OPPO F3 Plus will have an upgraded Screen Flash feature to brighten up the selfies in non-ideal light conditions. OPPO has made some refinements and the screen flash now includes an auto mode, which automatically selects the appropriate brightness level for your surroundings. This will help you capture those perfect moments without worrying about the uneven lighting around you.

Palm Shutter: Say Bye-Bye to shaky pictures with Palm shutter

How many times you have taken a shot and it got blurred because you pressed that shutter button too hard? We all have been there and it just wastes your time, that perfect moment and even your smartphone's memory. With OPPO F3 Plus, you can say bye-bye to those shaky blurry selfies. The camera app has 'Palm Shutter' mode that allows you to just wave your hand in front of the camera to activate an automatic selfie countdown. With the timer switched on, you can just pose to get pictured right and avoid any shakes caused by pressing the shutter button.

OPPO F3 Plus is set to redefine the selfie experience

Various Filters: Experiment with the images you capture

In addition to above mentioned features, the F3 Plus' camera also has various filters and watermarks, allowing for endless creativity and fun. You will not feel the need to download any third-party apps while using the upcoming smartphone.

16 MP Rear Camera for unmatchable picture quality

While you get those perfect selfies, the smartphone's 16MP rear camera equipped with a large aperture also makes sure you capture the best-in-class images of the world around you.

The rear camera's big aperture allows 100 percent more light to reach the sensor for faster focusing speed. This overcomes the two shortcomings of smartphone photography
blurred or out-of-focus images in normal conditions and images with too much noise in low-light conditions.

Here are some sample shots captured by the rear camera

Camera Sample 1

OPPO F3 Plus is set to redefine the selfie experience

Camera Sample 2

OPPO F3 Plus is set to redefine the selfie experience

Camera Sample 3

OPPO F3 Plus is set to redefine the selfie experience

As you can see, the images have amazing level of detailing and display true and accurate colour tones without any artificial tones to them. Moreover, the rear camera also has a number of modes to help you experiment with the images you capture. Have a look.

The Expert Mode

The camera app has an 'Expert Mode' allowing you hone in on every detail of photography, offering adjustment for shutter speed, focus, white balance and ISO, along with a leveling gauge and more. You can customize the camera properties to attain professional level images from your smartphone.


OPPO F3 Plus will also offer Ultra-HD mode, which was first seen in 2014 on OPPO Find 7. With the mode switched on, the camera shoots four photos consecutively and combines the best parts of each to make one 50-MP, ultra-high-definition image.

Double Exposure

For those who love experimenting with the photos they capture, the camera app also has 'Double Exposure' that takes two photos and overlaps them in the final image to create surreal images.

Super GIF

Last but not the least; the camera app also has a 'Super GIF' mode that instantly creates GIFS that can be played forward or backward.


The upcoming OPPO F3 Plus is set to set new standards in smartphone photography, particularly in selfie-game. The smartphone's camera modules are packed with a variety of intelligent software features such as Group Selfie, Smart Facial Recognition, and Beautify 4.0, Screen Flash, Ultra HD, GIF, etc. making the handset the most anticipated camera smartphone for 2017.

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