Things you should know while Benchmarking Android

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These days, the specifications of the Android smartphone is increasing at a huge rate. When you are buying a new device, you want it to be fastest and smooth in performance. Benchmarks can help you figure out what devices have the most power, but sometimes they are just a distraction.

Things you should know while Benchmarking Android

Benchmark types

Smartphones consist of numerous components that affect its overall performance. There are various Benchmarking tests available for all the components in the devices. They are:

  • UI Performance
  • Multitasking Performance
  • 3D Gaming Performance
  • Storage Speed Test
  • GPS Signal Test
  • Battery Test

Top benchmarking apps

AnTuTu benchmarking

This app is used to find out the performance & gaming benchmarking test on Android. This app gives scores based on 4 elements -- 3D, UX, CPU & RAM by running a multitude of tests. It also has lots of benchmark data collected over the years with various devices. Moreover, they also tied up with Samsung, Qualcomm, Intel to deliver more accurate results.


This benchmark tool is available for both mobile and desktop computers. It provides the single core and multi-core performance of your smartphone to give overall scores.

PC Mark & 3D Mark

This tool is the industry standard in testing gaming hardware & graphical performance. They also created a free mobile version of their popular CPU & 3D testing software, that works by rendering a selection of 3D scenes and physics heavy environments.

Vellamo Mobile Benchmarking

This was used to run a variety of HTML-based tests to measure real-life Android Performance. However, it is not available right now, as Qualcomm removed it.

What does this number mean?

It is ok to look at the benchmarks, but don't buy mobile based on them. It is good to know, but it should hardly be the only factor you consider. A device with good benchmark score might get poor battery life, have a crappy camera, or it might not work on your carrier's network. This benchmark test is there only to test the mobile limits, that why you should take phone benchmarks with a grain of salt and not the foundation of your buying decision.

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