Top 10 Smartphone-Related Myths Busted

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Every new technology comes attached with myths to it, and it is no different with smartphones. Smartphones came less than a decade to the mainstream, but myths have still built up over time. While some of the myths have been around for years.

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We came have busted the biggest smartphone myths. Take a look at the slider below to know more.

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Closing Apps Will Speed Up Smartphone

You do not have to close the recently used applications. These apps in the list of recently used apps are not actually running in the background and not making your smartphone to work slow. while they are just stored in RAM, so that you can get back to them quickly.

Task Killer Apps Will Speed Up Smartphone

There are many apps in the market that claims to speed up by using a task killer. These task killer apps clear the recently used app cached in RAM. However, clearing the recently used app or RAM will not speed up the device.

Drain Smartphone Battery Completely Before Charging

Most people do not actually believe in this myth. While, some people hesitate to charge their smartphone battery if it has 40 percent and let to drain the battery completely. However, with the modern Lithium-ion batteries, you do not need to drain the battery completely before charging it.

Only Use The Charger That Came With Your Device

All the smartphone makers uses a standardized USB chargers for their handsets. It means you can charge your smartphone using the USB.

Use Screen Protector To Protect Scratches

Its actually a good idea. The screen protector is a thin sheet of plastic that is attached to the smartphone display to protect with unexpected scratches. While, modern smartphone comes with Gorilla Glass and similar screen protection technology that are extremely well in making the display as scratch resistant glass.

Camera With More Megapixel Is Better

Megapixel myths is not only attached for smartphone, but also with all devices that comes with digital camera. While, higher megapixel count does not makes better image quality, but more megapixels are only helps if you want to print the images on a larger sized sheets.

Smartphone Gets Viruses and Malware

Technically, smartphone does not really get viruses. However, smartphone might get infected by Malware only if you download apps from the third party app store. The Google Play Store always verify the apps with you download.

More Cores Mean Better Performance

More cores in processor does not mean for better performance of the smartphone. Many other factors comes in while speaking of performance such as processor architecture, multithreading support for apps, GPU etc. For instance, a smartphone powered by quad core Qualcomm performs better than an octa core Mediatek.

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Automatic Brightness Kills Battery life

Actually, battery drains only when these features are in use. So having Bluetooth turned on, while not using a Bluetooth device will not drain battery.

Data Will Be Erased If There Are Magnets Near Phone

Modern smartphone comes with SSD as flash storage and are not magnetic hard drives. So, the smartphone storage will not get effected by the magnets.

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