Vertu SIGNATURE Cobra Limited Edition launched for $360K

Vertu will deliver the phone to its customers via a helicopter

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Vertu is known for making premium and luxurious phones. The company has just launched its new flagship phone, the Vertu SIGNATURE Cobra Limited Edition. Interestingly, it is not even a smartphone, but just a regular cellphone. So it won't come with high-end specs on board.

Vertu SIGNATURE Cobra Limited Edition launched for $360K

Being a limited edition, only eight units of this Vertu phone will be made available for purchase. Priced at $360K, it will be sold only on Jingdong Mall, the Chinese online retailer. There is a stigma attached to the Vertu phones that despite being really expensive they are not that functional. However, Vertu phones are adorned with high-quality leather, liquid-metal alloy, crystal sapphire display and ruby keys.

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Let's find out about the new Vertu SIGNATURE Cobra Limited Edition.

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Spectacular design

As suggested by the name, this phone is based on the design of the original Vertu SIGNATURE phone. It is hand-assembled in the UK and is made by a French royal jewelery brand called the Boucheron. As you can see from the image above, the phone is crammed with 439 rubies is such a way that it creates a shape of a cobra.

The eyes of the Cobra are composed of two emeralds. You should also know that the SIGNATURE Cobra is made of 388 separate parts!


While Initially, the phone will be a Jingdong Mall exclusive, we expect Vertu to ship it other countries as well. Usually, Vertu phones are sold in its branded stores in various countries. Some high-end retail stores like Selfridges and Harrods sell the Vertu phones with some discount. Notably, the company makes sure do something special for its customers. This time, the Vertu SIGNATURE Cobra Limited Edition will be delivered to the customers via a helicopter.

Pricing details

One can get the Vertu SIGNATURE Cobra Limited with a down payment of just 1000 Yuan ($145). However, the customers have to pay the full amount ($360K) to get the phone delivered by helicopter.



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