When Will Apple Get Rid Of Non-Durable, Easily Breakable, Highly Delicate Charging Cables?


Apple has been long criticized for the charging cable it bundles with its flagship iPhone. Though the phone is overwhelming, the charging cable does exactly the opposite. Users often complain about the vulnerability of these charging cables; however, Apple has been conveniently ignoring their ordeal for years now. Will consumers ever get a durable charging cable with their new iPhones? Well, fresh evidence suggests so!

When Will Apple Get Rid Of Non-Durable, Delicate Charging Cables?

If the latest leak is to be believed, Apple might bundle a new Lightning cable with the upcoming iPhone 12, which will prevent it from breaking so often. At least that's what leaker L0vetodream (via 9to5Mac) claimed in a tweet. The post also suggests that the new charging cable will be a USB-C to Lightning connector and will feature a braided design.

As of now, all iPhone cables have a USB-A to Lightning connector. The new braided cables will offer better durability compared to the standard variety and will put a halt at the complaints from iPhone users.

Many users are forced to buy a new Lightning cable, shelling out close to Rs. 2,000. Apple charges the same amount for all cables, regardless of their size, via its official website. This will also mark the first time where Apple will bundle braided cables for iPhones. The company does offer braided cables with other products such as the iPad Pro and the HomePod.

While the new Lightning cable sounds like a welcomed change, there are rumors doing the rounds that the next iPhone will come sans a charger and wired EarPods in the box. This could be a cost-saving measure by the company as the product cost would surge with new technologies like 5G.
Not just Apple, smartphone giants like Samsung are also likely to stop shipping their flagships without chargers. This move will also help the company reduce its environmental footprint. While this might affect other industries and components makers, Samsung believes that there are enough chargers provided in the past decade that eliminating new ones is a possibility.

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