Nexus 4 Drop Test: Is the New Google Smartphone Sturdy Enough? [VIDEO]

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Nexus 4 Drop Test: Is the New Google Smartphone Sturdy Enough? [VIDEO]

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An interesting drop test for the Nexus 4 device has come live on Youtube. The video shows two drop tests. Though the video is in German language the images are clear to understand the result of the tests. One test is carried out from 6.6 feet from the ground and the other one seems to be at a lesser height. Drop tests are conducted on a pebble laid hard surface.

In the first test, which is carried out from a lesser height, there seems to be no impact what so ever on the device both physically and on the functions. There are no scratches or any kind of visible damage to the device both on the screen side and on the back glass side. The video also shows the users trying some basic functions and it shows that the device has handled the first drop quite well. 

However, in the second test which is conducted from 6.6 feet, the back glass has got bit shattered. In this test again there is no visible impact on the main screen side. There are no scratches visible on the front side. The video shows the user testing different functions like scrolling, camera shoot and video recording. The functioning of the device seems fine. 

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The video seems to have been captured using Nokia Lumia 620 device and we must say the images captured are pretty clear. The drop tests prove that Nexus 4 is sturdy enough to handle smaller accidental drops, but may not be able to survive taller drops.

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