AnTuTu: Nexus 5 is the Most Popular Smartphone in India

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While the market is currently being treated to a host of new smartphones from a number of vendors, it's quite hard to keep a check on whose popularity is greater than the others. However, it seems like AnTuTu has the answer to that.

As reported, AnTuTu has released its latest list of most popular Android smartphones in Q1 of 2014 that's composed of various countries including India.

AnTuTu: Nexus 5 is the Most Popular Smartphone in India

While the Google Nexus 5 takes the top spot among the most popular Android smartphones out there presently, the Moto G takes the second spot as the most popular Android smartphone of the first quarter of 2014. Both of them are followed by Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

"AnTuTu Labs received millions of devices data (users' AnTuTu Benchmark test scores and devices info) of the Android mobile phones in the past Q1. Through statistical analysis, we could see the new trend of most popular android phones worldwide," the official post for the same states.

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But apart from the Nexus 5 and the Moto G, Samsung's Galaxy S4, Note 2 and S3 have also featured in the list of the top 10 Android smartphones in India.

And while that may not mean anything to anybody currently, but this does highlight the dominance of the Korean tech giant in the Indian smartphone market.

According to AnTuTu statistics, the company has received data of over 5.6 million from China alone, in turn accounting for almost half of the global data, while also taking the Xiaomi MI 3 smartphone to the top of the spot.

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"According AnTuTu statistics, the amount of data from mainland China is over 5.6 millions, which is almost 1/2 of the global data received. Given the rapid growth of China domestic mobile phones industry, the domestic brands showed more vitality than others," the report adds.

But leaving aside India, Google's Nexus 5 is also the most popular Android smartphone in US, according to the data.

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