Nexus 6 Set to Arrive at Google IO 2014? Top 5 Specs Rumors To Follow up on

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Nexus 5 had, and still has, quite a presence in the market. The device is still one of the most coveted and sought after handsets in the market and it seems like things will stay that way for some time to come, unless the next Nexus smartphones pops up from somewhere.

Speaking about the next Nexus device popping up on the Internet, the device, although still in its rumored state, has been noticed time and again owing to the numerous leaks, rumors and speculations related to it.

Nexus 6 Set to Arrive at Google IO 2014? Top 5 Specs Rumors

Realistically speaking, to date, details on the Nexus 6 release date or whether LG and Google will combine together once again to make the latest Nexus smartphone are scarce.

However, after the massive success of the Nexus 5, fans are hoping that its successor will launch before the current year comes to a close.

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But what do we really know about the next Nexus handset, and how will it be different from its illustrious predecessor? We take a closer look at the top 5 specs rumors related to the device.

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Nexus 6: Operating System

When Nexus 5 arrived, it opened to us a world of possibilities with the introduction of the Android KitKat operating system. Now, with the Nexus 6 seemingly on the horizon, expectations are rife that the new device will also come featuring a new version of the Android.

Nexus 6: Display

As told to Android Geeks via an unnamed "trusted insider" previously, the Nexus 6 is expected to arrive sporting a 5.2-inch QHD display that was already confirmed for the LG G3 in the past. And if the next Nexus device keeps up with the trend of bigger screens per release funda, then we could be actually set for a even bigger screen.

Nexus 6: 4GB RAM

The Nexus 6 is easily expected to arrive sporting a RAM size that will be bigger than its predecessor. Interestingly, a 4GB RAM is on the cards according to numerous reports on the web. However, all that will be confirmed with the official release of the device. But for now, everything has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Nexus 6: Fingerprint Sensors

Remember the unnamed "trusted insider" who revealed a thing or two about the next Nexus to Android Geeks? Well, the same source has also mentioned that the Nexus 6 will follow the iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S5 by adding a fingerprint sensor.

Nexus 6: Release Date

This one is quite the mystery since we have absolutely no details about when or where the device might release. But going by the previous launches for its predecessors in October, an October release date for the Nexus 6 looks the most likely.

Additionally, we might also get to experience bits and pieces about the device in the upcoming Google IO developer conference.

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