No 5-Inch Windows Phone 8 Smartphone From HTC As OS Offers No Support to 1080p Display [Report]

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HTC has recenlty launched 5 inch Android Jelly Bean based smartphone with 1080p display called Buttefly for the global markets, Droid DNA in USA and J Butterfly in Japan.

However, the company is reportedly planning to stop working on such large resolution displays as far as Windows Phone platform is concerned.

According to a recent Bloomberg report, HTC has scrapped off thep plans to produce a large screen smartphone incorporating Windows Phone platform as the screen will not support high resolution as in HTC's Android offerings and other rivals.

Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 operating system can only support up to 720p displays, unlike Android where latest flagship smartphones with big displays are sporting higher resolution 1080p displays. This could be crashing the hopes of Microsoft, which was expected to come back to the smartphone market with the WP8 platform.

No 5-Inch Windows Phone 8 Device From HTC Due to Lack of HD Support

Moreover, going by the recent rumors and speculations, in 2013, the smartphone market is all set to witness a wide variety of smartphones with 5 inch 1080p displays including HTC Butterfly, Sony Yuga, Samsung Galaxy S4, LG Optimus G2 and more. As all these handsets will be based on Android OS, this could be a major setback for Windows Phone 8 when it comes to the high-end smartphone market segment.

Hence, it is speculated that the tech world might witness more 4.8 inch and smaller displays running the Windows Phone 8 OS, but the 5 inch device with full HD resolution will not be a possibility in the near future, unless Microsoft plans to change that with the purported Apollo+ update for Windows Phone 8 devices, which is to come in 2013.

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