Nokia Carla devices to enter market soon

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Nokia Carla devices to enter market soon


Owing to the market tendencies of intense competition, Nokia also joined the race with more innovative models coming this year. Of which, the most awaited are the smart phones running on new upgrade of Nokia software, the Nokia Carla. It is expected to hit the market in the last quarter of this year. The models which are going to be released after Nokia 613 and its successors will be hosting the operating system of Nokia Carla. The models like N8, E7, X6, E6 and C6-01 are expected to cover Nokia Carla OS.

The devices that are currently running on Belle will be updated to Carla as soon as it is out. Carla update for the first generation devices will be the light version of Carla as most of them are devoid of NFC and have less than 1GHz processing power. The word is that it is now tested on Nokia 701. It is also heard that Nokia is planning to give a global wave of Nokia Carla, so all could get an update at the same time.

The first generation and the second generation phones differ in their processing power and NFC support because it comes with less than 1 GHz processing strength. Carla is believed to be the one word answer from Nokia to the android storm which is tending to overshadow Nokia. N8 successor will not be the last device featuring Carla two more smart phones will be launched with Carla as operating system.

The gizmo world is on a long wait for Carla as it has gathered a lot of fuzz about and is waiting to see what it may unwind. Symbian enchanted the people once and now it seems to be flicked out of the contour. Nokia just wants to return to the game and make a whole lot of impact on the current scenario.

Carla is expected to pack a lot of features that may outsmart the Android system. But nobody can know the impact it is going to create with the abilities it is expected to have packed in it.


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