Nokia Mischievous Facebook Post Highlights A PureView Lumia Device Coming Soon

By: Anuj Bhatia

Nokia is getting closer and closer to the possible announcement of its PureView Lumia 1000. Well, the Finnish giant has tried to 'Wow' the world with a possible shot taken from an unannounced 41-mega pixels ducked Lumia phone. The picture was uploaded on Nokia's Facebook page. But later it was revealed that the picture was taken from the Nokia Lumia 920.

Is Nokia having a fun by creating hysteria over mysterious Lumia 1000- a phone which could be a WP8 powered device with 41-mega pixels shooter on the rear back?

Well, it seems that the Lumia range creator has started its PR skills, just, before the possible announcement of the Lumia EOS 1000. Is Nokia having something 'magical' under its sleeve? It looks to be as the company has always done mischievous things in the past. Considerably, now Nokia is hoping to attract consumers for the most likely launch of PureView Lumia device.

Nokia Mischievous Facebook Post Highlights A PureView Lumia Device

Nokia's Facebook Controversy

A day back, Nokia created a new controversy by uploading a picture of front view it's HQ on Facebook. Then, the company directly asked from the users "Can you spot the guys Ice fishing in front of Nokia HQ". MyNokiablog later reported that the company has cleared the air by saying that the picture was shot by the Lumia 920.

Nokia Lumia EOS 1000 - More Rumors

The rumors mills are abuzz with Nokia planning a 41-mega pixels Lumia smartphone. Last year, the company announced PureView Lumia 920, but it was not a 41-mega pixel shooter. And now the Nokia PureView 808 is the last handset that supports Symbian mobile OS. Under any circumstance, the Finnish giant would like to port its last hit innovation to Windows Phone 8 running device. Why not? Many reports in the mean time claim that the company will announce a device codename EOS into American market this summer. Very likely, Americans could get their hands first on the device citing how critical is US to both Nokia and Microsoft.

As of now, nothing concrete has appeared in regards to the Nokia Lumia EOS 1000. How the device looks, its appearance and beef up specifications are yet to appear. It is said that the company will abandon its unibody polycarbonate design and likely to adopt - classy Aluminium design.

Gizbot is anxiously waiting to get its hands on the Nokia Lumia EOS 1000. Stay tuned to our features stories on the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC), slated to happen later this month at Barcelona, Spain.

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