Nokia Lumia 1520 aka Bandit Image Leak Update

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Nokia has been repeatedly said to come up with an enormous sized Windows Phone soon in the market and the leaks are already started pouring on the online tech media. The 6 inch phablet from Nokia has recently been spotted on Windows Phone Central. Looking at the purported image of Bandit which is taken alongside the latest Nokia Lumia 1020, the size is pretty much evident and thus speculations suggests that the device is non other than Bandit. The design language of the handset also follows the Lumia series as well.

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Nokia Lumia 1520 aka Bandit Image Leak Update

Just a day ago, @evleaks posted a tweet saying that Bandit would come with Lumia 1520 name and now it has already appeared online for the first time showing its huge display. Nokia has already fallen far behind in the phablet category where Samsung is basing on the growing demand of the same. However, Nokia's fist phablet is surely the massive one which will come in contrast to the Samsung's Galaxy Mega series first.

Since there is no information on the specs other than the display size, Lumia 1520 still remains a mystery. However, rumors has it that it will come with 1080p AMOLED PureMotion display. The handset is also expected to be thin and made of polycarbonate body. It might sport a 20 megapixel rear camera with the likes of PureView technology. More importantly, Nokia Bandit could be powered by Snapdragon quad-core CPU.

To talk about the market perspective on the upcomeing phablet Lumia 1520 from Nokia, it might actually turn out to be more successful than its other flagships. Firstly, Nokia fans is getting the first phablet and second of all, this will be the one of the first huge phablets which will run on the Windows Phone OS. Thus Nokia and Windows Phone users might give Bandit or Lumia 1520 a good opportunity to excel in the market.

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