Nokia Lumia 719: An entertainment phone

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Nokia Lumia 719: An entertainment phone

The tech world is anticipating the latest device form Nokia in the Lumia line up. The Lumia line up of phones was received well by the public because of their good features and due to the fact that people where looking for an alternate device other than in the Android line up of phones. With the success of the Lumia models more and more additions are being made to the series. The latest model that is going to be added to this series is the Nokia 719.

Some of the details of the phone have been finally leaked. This phone has made its appearance in the Bluetooth SIG for getting the Bluetooth certification. According to the documents it is going to hit Asia, North America and South America in the near future itself.

Some of the features and specifications of Nokia Lumia 719:

  • 3.7 inch clear black display

  • 5 mega pixel camera

  • High definition video recording

  • Integration of social networking applications like Facebook, twitter etc

  • Turn by turn navigation from Nokia drive

Some of the specs and features of the device is similar to Nokia Lumia 710. Because of this there is a rumour that the new device will also look like Lumia 710. There is no confirmation about this piece of information though. The presence of a 3.7 inch clear black display and a 5 mega pixel camera makes this a good device for entertainment too.

The exact release date of Nokia Lumia 719 is not known at the moment. The news is that other Nokia Lumia models like the Lumia 900 and Lumia 610 is going to make an appearance during the mobile world congress which will be held towards the end of this month in Barcelona. So the expectation is that Lumia 719 will also be released during this event.

The price tag too is not clear but we can expect that the phone will be priced within Rs. 20,000/-. If it is aggressively priced then the mid level android phone segment would take in a huge hit and will face some stiff competition from this device. The availability of third party software’s, games, applications etc for Windows based device is getting better and better. So in the near future it may have as much as contents as in android stores. If that’s achieved then the number of probable customers for Nokia's Lumia devices will be very high.


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