Nokia Might Sue HTC 8X Over New WP8 Handset Polycarbonate Design

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Nokia Might Sue HTC 8X Over New WP8 Handset Polycarbonate Design

Amid the Apple and Samsung patent war, there seems to be a new war rising in the tech arena and that is the WP8 handset war between Nokia and HTC. 

Reportedly, it is being considered that Finnish phone maker Nokia is planning to sue the Taiwanese handset manufacturer by filing a lawsuit against HTC, seeking a ban on its newly unveiled Windows Phone 8X smartphone.

According to report, Nokia is disturbed to see the newly launched HTC handset as 8X features the same polycarbonate body that Nokia has been using for about one year for its Windows Phone devices, and resembles a lot the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 smartphones that were unveiled in September lately.

At the same time, analysts also believe that HTC and Nokia Lumia WP8 range, look alike a lot in terms of characteristics and features. 

Till now, Nokia has not made an official announcement regarding its plans, but cites trusted sources claiming that the company is indeed considering a possible lawsuit against HTC. 

“The reports are saying Nokia is preparing to get HTC 8X banned in various parts of the world from going on sale when it will launch in November. Nokia has said in reports that the front-face of HTC 8X looks identically same as of the Lumia 820 followed by side-curves of the phone body,” said the report citing an undisclosed source. 

Both Nokia and HTC are rumored to hit the market shelves with their new WP8 handsets range in November, however, it seems that the Taiwanese giant will find himself in troubled waters and if Nokia attains a ban on the beautiful 8X and 8S range, then relatively there market release may face a delay and that would be quite disappointing for the HTC fans? And it is quite certain that Microsoft wont like that even. 

Honestly, What do you think? Are the new Nokia Lumia and HTC WP8 range almost similar? Has HTC actually copied the Nokia design’s instead of coming out with something more innovative?

Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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