Nokia Launches Mobile Money Client To Aid Mobile Banking

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Nokia Launches Mobile Money Client To Aid Mobile Banking
With the advent of credit and debit cards the place of notes and currency in purses has been lost. People used these cards for all kinds of money transactions as it was safer and more easily portable than currency notes. People could buy any stuff either by directly paying using the card or by taking money from the nearest ATM and use it.

However with the ever increasing mobile technologies and wizardry even these Banking cards will soon lose its charm. We are talking about Mobile banking here people. Now mobiles can be used to stay in touch with your financial statics. Mobile Money is a very useful concept that helps users to sync their monetary details and funding to their mobile phones.

This means is getting a good backup with the Finnish based mobile giant Nokia launching the Mobile Money Client in its handsets worldwide. India too is a part of this launch. This move by Nokia in mobile banking will take personal banking to new heights in India.

Nokia Mobile Money Client will aim to extend banking facilities through mobile phones to regions where banking methodologies are rather unexploited. The best part of this service is that the application is available across all categories of mobile handsets from Nokia ranging from budget mobiles to Smartphones and is supported in all variants of displays including Touch screen, physical keypad and much more.

The facility will allow rural people using Nokia phones to enjoy mobile banking facilities and conduct transactions via their mobile handsets. Nokia has tied up with major players in the personal banking industry like Yes Bank, Obopay and Union Bank of India to help users avail full functionality of Mobile Money Client. The list of available services in Nokia Mobile Money Client includes;

  • Bill Payment
  • ;
  • Money transfer between accounts

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