Nokia Offers Lumia Phone to Samsung User Who Uploaded Burnt Galaxy S4 Video on YouTube

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Looks like Nokia wants to enter into a fight with Samsung now. Remember the incident about the Samsung's Galaxy S4 catching fire, it all started then.

In short, Richard Wygand, a YouTube user who owned a Samsung Galaxy S4 caught fire and had put the video of the phone on the internet. The YouTube video showed Samsung Galaxy S4 catching fire while charging with what the original Samsung charger.

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Nokia Offers Lumia Phone to Samsung User Who Uploaded S4 Burnt Video

It seems the phone was still under a warranty. Thus like every other consumer, the owner of the device initiated the process to have the device replaced. It turns out that the Samsung's customer care communicated saying that they would provide a replacement unit only if he removed the video from YouTube. The letter can be read from a The owner in response acted adversely and uploaded another video about the letter he'd supposedly received from Samsung.

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At this particular moment Nokia USA contacted the Samsung Galaxy S4 owner, through a tweet and said, "@ghostlyrich we want to help you out. Let me send you a Nokia Lumia so you can experience how customer service should 'really' work."

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Thus now the Galaxy S4 owner doesn't have to worry about taking the video out of YouTube. Anyways he will be be getting one smartphone. However, it is not confirmed whether Richard Wygand took the offer from Nokia or settled down with Samsung.

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