Nokia plans to launch upates for it's N9 smartphones soon

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Nokia plans to launch upates for it's N9 smartphones soon

Nokia N9 is a very successful smart phone from Nokia which runs on MeeGo operating system and this is the first Nokia device to have this OS. The phone features more than average features when pitched against their premium rivals. It is a perfect imaging device too because of the fact that Carle Zeiss optics is integrated into it. Nokia N9 has paved a new path for its followers and has set a whole new benchmark.

Nokia is very famous for providing after sales service for their customers. They include mainly firmware upgrades. Nokia has earlier introduced the PR1.1 upgrade for Nokia N9. The users may have already got messages in their mobile saying that the update is available and many have already installed it. The PR1.1 update had some very amazing features and enriched the Nokia N9’s feature list’s very much.

Nokia has already started their work on PR 1.2 update and the work has been progressing very well till now. The new version sports an entirely new look .The colour schemes have changed very much. The buttons also look very different. It may not be noticed at first. But when you place the two versions side by side the difference is obvious. Tweaking has been done in the camera interface too. The control for the flash is now integrated in the cameras view finder. The video light control for the video recording option too has the same change.

One of the very notable changes in the new PR1.2 update is that there is face recognition feature in it. This allows users to manually mark faces for the pictures in the gallery. This lends a more acceptable feeling for the pictures. A manage application’s button is also added to the interface. Users may be able to close or find out the applications that are running in the background. By managing them effectively the battery power can be saved very much. This feature will also allow users to install and uninstall programs without the hassles of needing to have a third party application manager.

This features where analyzed on Nokia N950 which is a developer intended MeeGo phone. But these same features are set to be in Nokia N9. The work is still going on and new features may be added to it and the existing features can still undergo changes. One other thing that the users are expecting is a whole new set of font. This will be a slightly modified version of the pure text font that Nokia features. Some of the critics have accused this font for being too much plain. The new fonts will be taller and sharper.

It is not sure when PR1.2 will be launched since the PR1.1 has been just launched. It may be introduced by the middle of next year.

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