Nokia S40 - The 1 GHz Processor Device, Coming Soon

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Nokia S40 - The 1 GHz Processor Device, Coming Soon
Nokia is on a roll with its mobile operating systems. It launched the N9 powered by the Meego OS recently and is gearing up for the launch of its Windows Phone 7 aka Mango OS powered mobile in a few weeks. Sources say that the company will soon be introducing an Android powered mobile in the market. But Nokia has announced that it will stop the production of Symbian OS by the end of 2016 and this has resulted in all the attention going into the S40 series OS. People were doubtful regarding the future of the OS as they believed that it too would be replaced along with Symbian.

But Nokia does not seem to think so. A recent picture and info released by a Chinese website indicates that the company is working on an upcoming Nokia S40 device. The biggest news about that upcoming device is that it will feature a 1 GHz processor. This leaked Chinese info is a good proof for earlier reports suggesting that Nokia is working on such a powerful device.

If the look of the released picture is anything to make a conclusion about the phone then we can be assured of receiving a touch and type bar phone designed on the cues of the Nokia C3-01. The phone is expected to be loaded with all the features that are found on its Symbian siblings.

Nokia S40 device is said to feature a powerful 5 Mega Pixel and is even touted to provide video recording in High definition 720p format. It is not clear whether the phone supports video calling.

The 1 GHz processor on Nokia S40 device will make it lightning fast in performance without causing many variations in charge and other resource consumption stats.

The main advantage seen in the upcoming Nokia S40 device is definitely going to be its more responsive touch screen display as compared to its siblings. It is likely to offer multi touch based optimization on the operating platform as well.

Though no official wording has been obtained from Nokia regarding the launch or perhaps even the existence of the phone, the leaked pictures are more likely to be form a factory line which means the company has already started manufacturing the device on a large scale.

The recent shift toward the S40 OS by Nokia as stated earlier has breathed a new lease of air into the OS"s future prospects. It is highly anticipated that the upcoming Nokia S40 device will be launched this year itself along with numerous other announced phones by Nokia.

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