Nokia Sabre Preview

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Nokia Sabre Preview
Nokia is a brand name that is well known around the world for their mobiles. We can say that Nokia has the reputation of starting the Mobile Revolution around the world. They have always released products with an affordable price with a good quality that has gained great reputation around the world. The latest to be released in the market by Nokia is its latest smartphone which has been named as "Nokia Sabre". Nokia Sabre works in the windows platform.

The operating system used in the Nokia Sabre is the popular Windows Phone 7.5 OS. The processor that the Nokia Sabre makes use of is the 1.4 GHz CPU processor. Nokia believes that this product has all it takes to become one of the most sought after smartphones in the market around the world. Nokia believes that this is the right time to enter the smartphone industry taking in to consideration the growing demands for the smartphones around the world.

Other path breaking features and specifications of the Nokia Sabre is the presence of a 3.7 inch LCD Touchscreen display which is one of the major features that will determine the success of this product. The looks are also stylish with the typical Nokia looks and the presence of a Nokia logo in the body panel of the Sabre. Auto focus is also one of the major features included in the 5 mega pixel camera being provided by the Sabre. The Sabre also comes with a High Definition Video recording facility which provides the state of the art video recording techniques.

High quality video graphics is provided in the Sabre. The memory storage capacity of the Sabre is around 8GB which is inbuilt in nature which is relatively good storage capacity. The new feature that has been introduced by Nokia in this Sabre is the inclusion of 25GB of the latest cloud storage capacity. The Sabre also comes with Wi-Fi connectivity as well as the Bluetooth connectivity. The Sabre also comes with FM Radio applications which come as a standard application in most of the Nokia phones. Sabre also comes with the inclusion of Multi format audio as well as video player. A USB 2.0 port is also included in the Sabre and also the presence of a microSD card slot is also expected to be included as part of the memory expansion.

Battery used in the Sabre is the standard Li-Ion battery. The Sabre is only available in the Black color as of now.

The price in India of the Sabre is expected to be affordable where as the exact price in India tag is still unknown and has not yet been declared by Nokia till date. An announcement regarding the price in India tag of the Sabre smartphone is expected soon.

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