Nokia the most desirable phone in India

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Nokia the most desirable phone in India

A latest mobile brand survey has found out that Nokia is the most trusted & desirable brand in India. People in India just cannot stay away from Nokia, reports the survey. Reportedly the mobile users in India accorded first preference to Nokia over other mobile-phone manufacturing brands.

One interesting finding of the survey is that Apple had gained considerably in the popularity chart among Indians. Samsung was placed in the third spot & it has also gained good pace among the people due to the affordability of it's products. But Nokia emerged as the leader with most of the respondents preferring Nokia(even with high product costs) over low-priced mobile phones.

This survey was conducted among 1.45 lakh respondents. The majority of votes were from the 18-25 age group people. It was found out that even among the elderly, Nokia was the most preferred mobile phone brand. Around 8 percent of the respondents said that they would switch over to Blackberry in the future.

Thus, we can say that Nokia has now received as shot in the arm through this news & more user-friendly products can be expected from it in the future.

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