Nokia Working On Low Cost Linux Smartphones

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Nokia Working On Low Cost Linux Smartphones
Nokia is always known in the ever growing mobile market for its high quality products that includes mobile phones, tablets as well as smartphones. The quality assurance is something that this company has never compromised with its products so far. But with an increasing number of competitors in this segment of the market, the mobile major was facing a new crisis. That is mobile manufacturers like Huawei, iBall as well as Gfive are launching high quality products with an absolutely affordable price. This is where the mobile manufacture lagged behind their rivals. The main reason was that they were using the much costlier and high performing Windows operating system. That's the time when the idea of an indigenous operating system development concept came in to light.

Now, Nokia Mobile Phones is all set to launch the newly developed operating system named ‘Meltemi' which is mainly based on a Linux platform. The mobile brand said that this low end operating system will support low end devices that includes smartphones below a range of Rs 5,000. Nokia is keeping very high expectations with the launch of this low cost Linux smartphones since they think that success is quite essential for them to remain competitive in the growing smartphone market. The mobile major is all set to move from the S40 phones since the product is finding very less takers owing to the higher price of the product. Analysts predict that the mobile phone firm will have to take these kinds of risks in order to sustain in the market by developing such low cost Linux smartphones.

By the launch of the low cost Linux smartphones by Nokia Mobile Phones, the mobile manufacturer is expecting to bridge the gap that has occurred because of the android revolution that happened in the smartphone industry. The android operating system based smartphones were available in such an affordable cost that it was in fact way behind the normal devices that works on the Windows platform that includes the mobile phone major.

Nokia has announced that the main personality behind this project is none other than Mary McDowell who is the executive vice president of the Nokia Mobile Phones.

These low cost Linux smartphones by Nokia is expected to generate greater sales and uplift the reputation of Nokia as one of the mobile manufacturers launching user friendly mobiles and smartphones with an affordable price in India. At the same time maintaining the Quality of the product for which the mobile player has gained more appreciation.

The price in India of the low cost Linux smartphones by Nokia is expected to be less than the Rs 5,000 marks so that they can target the growing low cost smartphones customer base.

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