Nokia X Vs Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562: Low-end Market the Biggest Target

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Nokia's presence in the Indian domestic market has been made a reality with the announcement and release of Nokia X - Nokia's first Android-powered handset. The new X has taken all the smartphone users by storm since this is the first ever Nokia offering to run on Android.

And while the company is looking ahead toward a successful financial year with the new X, with two more handsets - Nokia X+ and Nokia XL - also waiting in the horizon to be revealed by the company, it seems like the battle to claim the low-end market has already been waged.

The Low-end market, going by the current smartphone standards in the general market, is one of the most important sections to tap into in recent times - especially with the Indian domestic market scenario in mind. So more low-end devices in this market equals to more success, both financially and in terms of popularity.

Nokia X Vs Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562: Low-end Market the Target

But heading back to the topic in hand, with the Nokia X now finally in contention, it seems like a number of other manufacturers in the same category - such as Samsung and Micromax - could have a hard time keeping up their sales figure in this section. And one such device is the popular low-end Samsung-made handset Samsung Galaxy S Duos that is one of the most common devices you see around.

So where does both these devices stand when compared to each other? Let's take a closer look at the offered features and specifications that are on offer via both the devices.

Operating System
This one requires no real thought process as the operating system, itself, has made the Nokia X already a popular device among tech enthusiasts. The Nokia X runs on Android, although it's not the official Google-based Android offering, but rather an Android Open Source Project offering.

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The Samsung Galaxy S Duos, on the other hand, runs quite an old version of Android - Android v4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Display and Dimensions
The Nokia X sports a 4.0-inch IPS LCD capacitive touch screen, while rendering 480 x 800 pixels resolution. The device's overall dimensions measure up to 115.5 x 63 x 10.4 mm.

The Samsung Galaxy S Duos, comparatively, comes with a similar 4.0-inch but TFT capacitive touchscreen display also having a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels.

The Samsung Galaxy S Duos, in terms of camera, offers a 5-megapixel primary camera with autofocus and LED flash. There's also a secondary VGA camera at the front.

The Nokia X, on the other hand, sports a lesser 3.15-megapixel primary camera, sporting a pixel resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. The device, however, doesn't offer a front-facing secondary shooter, which can become quite an issue for all those looking to snap great selfies via the device, or hoping to conduct video chats.

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Processing Power
Going by the fact that both these devices fall under the low-end category, as far as the power that's generated in-device, both the devices, have decent hardware specifications that are capable enough of powering the devices.

While the Nokia X is equipped with a 1GHz dual core cortex-A5 processor and Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Play chipset, its Samsung counterpart powers up the Galaxy S Duos via a somewhat similar 1 GHz Cortex A5 processor

Storage and RAM
The Nokia-made X smartphone offers 512MB of RAM while offering the device in 4 GB internal memory variant. However, there's also the option to expand the device's memory up to 32GB as an external microSD slot for additional memory is present.

The Galaxy S Duos, in this respect, offers a slightly better 768MB of RAM and also offers the device in a 4GB internal memory variant. However, similar to the Nokia X, there's the option to expand the device's memory up to 32 GB as an external microSD slot for additional memory has been provided.

It seems like both the devices are on level terms in this respect as both the devices offer a 1500 mAh battery to juice up their respective devices.

While the Galaxy S Duos is currently available for Rs. 9,394, the Nokia X has been made available for Rs. 8,599.

While the Samsung Galaxy S Duos has enjoyed quite the market share in the lower end of the market with the device being one of the most common Samsung devices to me seen almost everywhere, its position can easily be challenged with the arrival of Nokia X.

And while there's not much to choose from since both the devices belong to the lower end of the market, it seems like the odds favor the Nokia X with its new tag of "Nokia's first Android phone" also helping its cause massively.

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