Bright Propects For Nokia X7 Smartphone

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Bright Propects For Nokia X7 Smartphone
Smartphone"s have now become a prominent market share grabber for mobile phone companies. What was once fantasized as a rich boys play toy is now finding its way into the hands of even ordinary school going children. Such is the scale by which costs of such high end and top of the line devices have come down in the past 5 or 6 years. The Smartphone market is one which is constantly evolving.

No manufacturer has been able to completely dominate the market and today there are over a 100 different Smartphone"s available in India from a number of manufacturers that include foreign giants like Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson etc and also domestic players like Micromax, Videocon and much more.

Nokia as everyone is aware is the world"s biggest mobile manufacturer and they have been on the forefront too in the case of Smartphone"s. The company has a large portfolio of Smartphone"s in its stables. They have brought about numerous revolutions in Smartphone"s.

Recently Nokia announced a gaming tournament based on its popular Nokia X7 gaming phone and christened the event as Nokia X7 Full Throttle tournament. During the Nokia X7 Full Throttle tournament Mr. T.S Sridhar Nokia Director (South Markets) was quoted as saying that Nokia was a major contributor to the emerging Smartphone market that is currently brimming with competition both domestically and internationally. He said that there has been a steady increase in the demand for Smartphone"s as more and more people wanted to try out its functionalities and long list of features.

He stated that the Nokia E6 was a big success as it offered both touch and type functionality with a touch screen and physical keypad. It also featured the latest Symbian Anna OS update. According to Nokia the Symbian Anna would be a regarded as a big milestone as far as Smartphone"s are considered.

Mr. Sridhar was of the opinion that as the popularity of mobile gaming began to grow at a rapid pace recently; the main focus of Nokia was to incorporate an undisputed gaming experience into its Smartphone"s. The portability of mobiles will make it more convenient for gamers to carry their favorite games wherever they go in their pocket and thus facilitates 'any time" gaming experience.

Nokia X7 gaming phone is mainly focused on providing a good gaming experience and the phone is designed keeping in mind its gaming orientation with a large 4 inch AMOLED capacitive touch screen based display. With the first Android and Windows phone from Nokia waiting in the dark, all the prospects look exciting for Nokia in the coming months.

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