Nokia's latest Symbian Phones-Carla & Donna to be launched soon

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Nokia's latest Symbian Phones-Carla & Donna to be launched soon
The global mobile phone manufacturers, Nokia is in news again with something special for the users across the globe. Yes, the company is planning for two new Symbian versions according to some of the information leaked out at the Developer Day held in Mexico this week.

According to this, Nokia might work on two new versions which are known as Carla and Donna. Nokia was already in the news this month with its enhanced gadgets on Windows platform. Well, with these Symbian versions it seems like the company has decided to keep its Symbian platform enthusiasts happier than ever.

And it is obviously happy news for Symbian enthusiasts as well as Nokia gadget lovers. Regarding the versions of Symbian; the first one, Symbian Clara is exclusive operating system indented for smartphones.

It is reported that the operating system will also be enhanced with 1 GHz processor. Well, the authorities also stated that there are possibilities for some changes which may happen before the release.

With the latest Symbian we can expect a new web browser also with some new widgets. Moreover there are possibilities for the NFC technology to be incorporated in it. The official also stated that the latest version will enhance audio outputs.

The other Symbian version known as Donna will be featuring dual core processor with some high end specifications. There is no information available on the release date of both Clara and Donna.

But, there are expectations that Symbian Clara will be released into the market by 2012 or by early 2013, whereas it will take more time to release Symbian Donna. Symbian Donna might reach only after 2013, so it is expected to be released by early 2014.

As the release time has been scheduled after 2012, expert finds it as a big issue. Because by that time there are possibilities of android operating system to come up with something more innovative and advanced which can off beat Symbian. But, the positive side is that Nokia has always managed to deliver something far above the ground for the users with Symbian platform. Thus we could expect the history to repeat again.

As far as Symbian Clara and Donna is concern, both are still under the hood and it is very early to comment on the core details of the product. For the time being we can assume that both the Symbian version will be perfect for smartphones and bring many additional benefits. The developers also have enough time to work on it and make it fully optimized.

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