North Korean Leader Kim Jong- Un Spotted With Sony Ericsson Vivaz / Pro [Viewpoint]

By: Anuj Bhatia

So, everyone is going Gaga over the mysterious smartphone spotted on the table of North Korea's Young leader - Kim Jong -Un. The leader of troubled state was recently caught red handed with a smartphone - a phone that has no name neither branding on the top. The internet is abuzz with all kind of stories featuring quotes from Samsung to other brands.

The picture of Kim Jong- Un was recently released by Korean Central News Agency. The young leader was in a meeting discussing some important agenda on Defense and International Affairs, as one can judge, by the released image. But, what made a fuss in the media and still going strong was the fact that, a smartphone that made an eye- catching headline.

North Korean Leader Kim Jong- Un Spotted With Sony Ericsson Vivaz /Pro

The foremost and the most wacky question of them was asked by one prominent blog was - Is a Samsung - branded smartphone. Well, Samsung practically never supply its Galaxy range of devices to its rival neighbor. Later, Samsung, too, admitted to the fact that not a single Sammy device made its way to North Korea. If Samsung was not enough, another baked story surfaced that of, Apple iPhone. How come Mr. Jong -Un adopted Apple iPhone ? There are plenty of tensions already boiling between North Korea and America. So this story also died with tragic death.

Next come HTC, a safe bet, which picked up momentum later on. The officials at South Korean government reportedly shared their viewpoint saying that: the phone was likely manufactured by HTC. This is just their opinion and should be treated with pinch of salt. HTC, too, cleared its part being neutral.

If Kim Jong- Un do not endorse Samsung, HTC or Apple, for sake, then which brand he trust the most. GizBot believe that the phone used by North Korean leader (according to picture released by South Korean News Agency) resembles to Sony Ericsson Vivaz /Pro. Well, this is just a wild guess, but it looks like Mr. Jong- Un follows Sony Ericsson phones ardently.

The North Korean nation banned the use of mobile phones and Internet, all together. Google's Eric Schmidt, this year, went to North Korean Nation, in order to end the Internet ban.

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