Now Android mobiles can run without Google

Posted By: Rahul

Now Android mobiles can run without Google

Now the android phones can run without Google itself. Yes, now users will not be required to run Google apps on android smartphones. If you are fed up of using Google for everything or are frustrated with Google's sneak-peak policy better remove off those Google applications from your mobile phones. This means that Google will not sneak in to your usage through any hidden method. Have a look at the below mentioned tricks:

Google apps can be removed manually as well using the following methods:

1) Remove Google applications & root your mobile phone: Through rooting process which is built-in your mobile phone's internals and can be accessed easily, you can disable the built-in Google apps. You can also install new operating systems such as CyanogenMod which supports the installation of new Google Apps only with your consent.

2) Choose alternate vital applications: You necessarily don't require only Google apps to run vital services. There are other alternate applications which offer the same functionality( sometimes better) & provide user-friendly options as Google. Some alternate applications are: Yahoo Mail, MapQuest, Firefox Browser, Bing Search, Vimeo video streaming service. These are the alternate options to Google.

Thus, Google is not necessarily the most user friendly thing out there. There are many options as described above which not only serve as alternatives to Google but add a whole new dimension to your digital experience as well.

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