Now boots can charge your mobile phones

Posted By: Rahul

Now boots can charge your mobile phones

Innovations keep on happening in technology every second. One such innovation is the Orange Power Wellies. These consist of a pair of boots which can charge all your gadgets. Hey Cool Isn't it?. This uses the heat generated in your body to charge all your gadgets.

This technical gadget has been developed by GotWind which is based in the United Kingdom. What you have to do is just wear this pair of boots & wait for heat to build up & accumulate After this is  done, just plug in your mobile devices & see them get charged in front of your own eyes. The more you use these boots, the more electricity is generated. Using the Seebeck Effect, the heat is converted into electric energy thereby charging your gadgets.

The boots use a battery which accumulates the energy. When the energy in the battery is exhausted, simply use the boots again or just run around wearing the boots. Through this heat accumulates & when this is done, just plug in your devices for charging.

This technical innovation is already a hit in the United Kingdom & is slowly catching up with the rest of the world. Thus, you can save electricity tremendously Not only this, the Orange Power Wellies is also the best example for unconventional energy resources.

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