Now charge your mobile phones using water

Posted By: Rahul

Now charge your mobile phones using water

Technical innovations are growing by the second, one such technical innovation is charging of mobile phones using water. Sounds interesting isn't it?. Well it is indeed interesting. Using fuel cell technology charging of mobile phones using water can be accomplished.

This innovative product has been brought out by Powertrekk. The working mechanism is simple here, all you need to do is use a fuel cell charger & fill the water compartment present in the charger with only a tablespoon of water. Then connect your mobile phone to the USB. When this is done, the Powertrekk charger converts hydrogen into electricity by making use of passive Fuel cell Technology.

One advantage of this is it is completely Eco-friendly as it doesn't release any harmful byproducts in the process. These Powertrekk chargers are much better than the solar chargers as electricity is generated quickly when compared to the solar chargers. This charger is portable as well & can be carried around easily. It can be used by people on the move as well as it requires the addition of plain water for electricity to be generated.

The Powertrekk Chargers are priced at Rs 11500 in India approximately. Thus, seeing this we can conclude that unconventional power generation is the in-thing this season. So try this today.

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