Official ICS update for HTC Vivid model

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Official ICS update for HTC Vivid model

2012 can be considered the year of Android Ice cream sandwich operating system. From the beginning of this year itself many mobile phones and tablets are coming with this OS right out of the box and others are getting it as a software upgrade. The latest smart phone to get this update is HTC Vivid.

HTC Vivid will get a complete overhaul on the operating system as well as the visual interface. The update will also add in many other features and improve some of the existing ones. The user interface will be only upgraded to HTC Sense 3.6 instead of the latest 4.0 version. This is because HTC Vivid is not powered by a Snapdragon S4 or a Tegra 3 processor. So if the HTC Sense 4.0 UI is provided the phone may find it a bit difficult to handle the same.

The update brings about support for Beats audio. This improves your over all multimedia experience by providing enhanced audio and video. Beats audio functionality won’t work when you are playing music using the phones integrated speakers. You have to plug in a pair of headphones or out the audio via 3.5 mm connector jack to enable Beats audio. Whenever you play a song a small notification at the top would indicate the status of Beats audio, you can either turn it on or off by tapping the icon.

A new feature called as the face unlock is added to the update. What it does is that the user can unlock the screen by using the face recognition capabilities of the phone. So once your phone is locked no one else except you can access it. You can register a face during the initial set up by using the phones front facing camera. Once you have done it the phone can be unlocked by the registered face or by using the backup pin.

The email setup and use is very much improved. Ease of setting up the push mail account, receiving and sending emails etc are very much improved. Enhanced control over the mails like disabling attachments or restricting its size and turning off automatic syncing while roaming is possible now.

There are notable improvements in the overall user interface too. The screen transitions are very much improved and there are new widgets and home screen available. The text and voice input is also improved and is now more efficient and robust.

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