OnePlus One Already Here and Kicking: Here are 5 Things We Understood from the Smartphone

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While the smartphone business is seeing big business almost everyday, few handsets actually go on to make the kind of name the handset manufacturer craves and solidifies its position in the race. And one smartphone that has kept the native market on its heels for the last few weeks is the OnePlus One.

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As of now, the news is being flooded with details of the handset, alongside the new features that we will get to see from one of the most promising Chinese names in the handset business. And with the OnePlus One already here, expectations are massive.

From the first week of whatever we have seen about the handset, we have come to understand a few basic things from the One. And here are the top 5 things we learnt from the handset.

OnePlus One In Pictures

OnePlus One: 5 Things We Understood from the Smartphone

Great in Looks and Feel
The OnePlus One looks quite impressive with a sheer black front framed with a slightly curved build. On the Sandstone Black model, all surfaces other than the front are coated with somewhat a rough felt material. This makes the handset great for holding on to without dropping it several times.

OnePlus One: 5 Things We Understood from the Smartphone

Ease for Shifting SIM
One of the top features the OnePlus One handset is the fact it provides a SIM card slot that has been designed to accommodate either a Micro-SIM or a Nano-SIM. There are two trays, each with a different sized cutout, meaning the ease of shifting SIMs grows two-fold.

OnePlus One: 5 Things We Understood from the Smartphone

Crisp Color Reproduction
The OnePlus One not only feels solid in hand, it's vibrant display and impressive color reproduction is one for the regular movie and YouTube buffs. While the screen is detailed and sharp, playing movies in HD might turn up the ante a bit in favor of the user. In a nutshell, rich viewing experience is guaranteed from this one.

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OnePlus One: 5 Things We Understood from the Smartphone

Security Goes Big
The One is layered with the CyanogenMod Interface, making it a bit secure than the rest. For instance, texts between CyanogenMod users will be automatically encrypted, although depending on how many of your buddies are willing to adopt the interface in the first place. The interface even makes sure that you have ample control over how each of your apps can access your data.

OnePlus One: 5 Things We Understood from the Smartphone

The Goodness of CyanogenMod
The OnePlus is not offering you any sort of stock Android. However, it is layered with Android 4.4.4 on top of which runs its CyanogenMod Interface. This adds a sharp experience value to it as the user is sure to be enthralled by something that's just fresh out of the oven, compared to the regular Android UI we get to see.

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