Oppo N3 More Than Just Motorized 16MP Rotating Camera: 5 Features That Make it Stand Apart

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Oppo is a relatively new name in the Indian handset market, but not a new arrival from China. Chinese handset makers such as Gionee and Xiaomi have already made a name for themselves, and Oppo now wants the same kind of recognition.

Oppo, apart from recently outing the new R5 handset, also made the N3 handset available. And truthfully, whatever recognition the handset has got until now is due to the motorized 16MP rotating camera that the handset offers.

Oppo N3 Officially Launched: 5 Features That Make it Stand Apart

However, there's more to the handset than just its impressive camera aspect. And here we are listing down the 5 top features of the handset enough to make it into your wishlist for the year.

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Dual Notification

Oppo's new N3 handset offers something the company calls Skyline Notification 2.0. This means there's double sided notification light that makes sure that you are always on top of everything that's happening near you and in your social life.

Motorized Mechanics

For the N3, Oppo has partnered with the famed Schneider Electric to make sure there's absolutely no reason to complain. Schneider Electric unites has offered a helping hand in craftsmanship with Oppo and has created the world's first one of a kind stepper motor in a smartphone.

The Power of Tracking Focus

While others in the market offer a mobile camera that requires you to focus every time you turn the camera app on, with the Oppo N3 you can lay all those problems to rest. There's the Tracking Focus feature that locks on to a subject, while taking care of the rest.

Faster Charge

The Oppo N3 also charges up sooner than you think. Apparently, a five minute charge gives you a two hour phone call. This means 30 minutes of charge will restore 75% of the N3's battery. That's quite impressive.

Camera of Ages

It goes without saying that Sony Xperia handsets deliver the best in terms of camera, but there are new innovations being made in the camera that's been offered with this Oppo handset. With the motorized camera, the phone can track objects even as they move, and can rotate up to 206 degrees.

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